Page Loading Events And The Order In Which They Occur

.Net Order Of Page Loading Events

List of all the load events for a master page, an ebeded master page with an embeded master page and a content page.
  1. Content Page Page_PreInit

  2. Main Master Page_Init
  3. Sub Master Page_Init
  4. Sub of Sub Master Page_Init
  5. Content Page Page_Init

  6. Content Page Page_InitComplete
  7. Content Page Page_PreLoad

  8. Content Page Page_Load
  9. Sub of Sub Master Page_Load
  10. Sub Master Page_Load
  11. Main Master Page_Load

  12. Content Page Page_LoadComplete

  13. Content Page Page_PreRender
  14. Sub of Sub Master Page_PreRender
  15. Sub Master Page_PreRender
  16. Main Master Page_PreRender

  17. Content Page Page_PreRenderComplete
  18. Content Page Page_SaveStateComplete
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