Sean's Code Samples And Reference

Welcome, about my site. This site is my own personal reference as I need a place to store my references that I can access no matter where I’m working from. You are free to use any of the examples I have on my site or use it as a reference also. If you are looking for something in particular and can’t find it here you can use the contact form to let me know what it is. I may know how to do it and if not I always enjoy a good challenge. Make sure you add your email so I can get back to you about it; and if I find it interesting I’ll add it to my site. Currently I am using .NET 3.5 but a lot of my code is backward compatible. If you are using pre 2.0 I would recommend, upgrading to a newer version.

Sean Marcellus
There are 10 kinds of people e in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.