Sean's Personal Color References

Color on the Web is an excelent way to improve your Web designs.

PINK~soothes, promotes affection.
YELLOW~cheers, increases energy, expands the size of a room.
WHITE~purifies, unifies, enlivens other colors.
BLACK~authoritative, shows discipline, encourages independence.
ORANGE~cheers, stimulates appetite and conversation.
GREEN~balances, refreshes
PURPLE~comforts, creates mystery
BLUE~relaxes, cools
Learn to use color in your Web designs effectively with the color wheel, HTML color codes, and color charts.

Using color wheels and color theory to choose the color scheme for your Web site is good sense.

This allows you to put together groups of colors that are harmonious and look nice together.


Red is a power color, often used to invigorate your environment. Red is an energizing color, it also enhances self-assurance and is used to stimulate and symbolize love and passion. Red can produce an illusion of fantasy and promote opposition in others (you have been warned) If you want to be attention-getting, feel powerful and dominate - use red.


Yellow will rejuvenate and balance the mind it is a sunny, reflective and is a pensive color. Yellow color schemes add cheeriness; it wipes out the feeling of heaviness and oppression. Yellow will lift ones mood to be positive and optimistic. You can use colors in the yellow scheme to boost mood, increase energy and unleash creativity.


This is also a color of love, like red and yellow, orange is stimulating, it is perhaps a little less serious and a little more fun. Orange is a very high energy color imparting boldness and distinction. Is about being different; it is also antidepressant and also stimulates the mind. Anyone with a desire to sharpen and add focus and purpose to their life can do with a little orange. (It is potent, do not add too much)


Green is relaxing to the eyes representing dependability and tactfulness. It is the second most popular color. It reduces stress and brings a feeling of tranquility representing a natural healing and balance. Green is symbolic of faithfulness and unity and hope use it to inspire harmony and restore energy.


The color pink is trendy and girly color and is a symbol of innocence and beauty. Pink has a soothing effect and also speaks of pure love. It is a romantic color, while red is hot and passionate. It also is bright, vibrant, a strong and healthy color.


Blue can create feelings of trust it relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure and is found to have a calming effect. Blue is also regarded to be effective for increasing wisdom energy. As with green it is a color of peace, tranquility.


Purple balances the mind, brings serenity and combats fear. It’s also the color that speaks of royalty. Purple stands out in a crowd.
Sean Marcellus
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